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WaaS Supported Networks

Wallet as a Service is designed to be protocol-agnostic (cross-chain). We currently support the following networks:

Ethereum MainnetAvailable
Ethereum GoerliAvailable
Base MainnetAvailable
Base GoerliAvailable
Polygon MainnetAvailable
Terms of Service

MPC Wallets only support the blockchain protocols as described in the documentation. Under no circumstances should end users attempt to use MPC Wallets to store, send, request, or receive any assets on blockchain protocols that we do not support. We assume no responsibilitly in connection with any attempt to use MPC Wallets with blockchain protocols that we do not support. You acknowledge and agree that we are not liable for any digital asset that is sent to an MPC Wallet on an unsupported blockchain protocol.

Unsupported Contracts

The following contracts / collections are not supported by WaaS today:

Polygon Mainnet

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