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Advanced Settings

Advanced settings provides additional features for development and managing your wallet, such as enabling test networks, viewing your private key, and other experimental features.


Enable Testnets

Enable test networks. When enabled, test networks will be listed under main networks.

To see a list of supported test networks, visit our Whitelisted Networks documentation.


The asset page will list asset balances from both test networks and main networks.


Test networks can also be enabled from the bottom of Default network settings.

View Private Key

View the private key associated with your wallet.



Do not share your private key with anyone, even Coinbase. Anyone with your private key can steal your funds.

Enable Experimental Features

Enable experimental features.


Use with caution. Experimental features may include features that are not yet finalized and still under active development.

Export Custom Networks

Exports all custom networks to your clipboard in JSON format.

    "id": "1337",
    "chainName": "localhost",
    "rpcUrls": [
    "chainId": "1337",
    "nativeCurrency": {
      "decimals": 18,
      "name": "Custom network",
      "symbol": "TEST"
    "blockExplorerUrls": [
    "iconUrls": [

You can import custom networks under settings by navigating to Default Network > Add custom network