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Version: 3.0.0

Deep Linking into the Coinbase Wallet Dapp Browser

To open the Coinbase Wallet mobile app to a specific dapp in the dapp browser tab, you can use a deep link. You can use a deep link from either a web or a native app.[YOUR_URL]

YOUR_URL should be encoded with percent-encoding.


To open, it should be formatted:

Android-specific information

In order to open a custom scheme (for example, to switch back to your app), you may pass the optional parameter cb_callback into the universal link. Custom scheme callback is supported on version 26.8+.[YOUR_URL]&cb_callback=[YOUR_CALLBACK_SCHEME]

(Optional) iOS-specific information

You may use a custom protocol instead of the universal link. This is helpful if users are running into the iOS bug that routes users to the App Store instead of directly to the app when it's already installed.


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