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Version: 3.0.0

Supported Environments

Coinbase Wallet SDK lets you connect your dapps to Coinbase Wallet in the following ways:

  • Desktop web: Automatically connects to Wallet extension or displays a QR code for users to connect with the Wallet mobile app.

  • Mobile browser: Wallet SDK generates a dynamic deep link that takes users straight to your dapp in the Wallet mobile dapp browser.

  • Dapp browser in Wallet: Wallet SDK recognizes and connects to the injected web3 provider in Wallet's mobile dapp browser with no need for extra approvals.

ConfigurationKey location
Standalone browser extensionBrowser
Extension linked to wallet mobile app (iOS/Android)Mobile device
Extension linked to Ledger hardware walletHardware wallet
Link dapp directly to mobile walletMobile device
Dapp running inside mobile wallet browserMobile device

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