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Version: 3.0.0


interface ProviderRpcError {
message: string;
code: number;
data?: { method?: string };
stack?: string;

Provider Errors

Errors generated on the wallet/provider itself

Status codeNameDescription
4001User Rejected RequestThe user rejected the request.
4100UnauthorizedThe requested method and/or account has not been authorized by the user.
4200Unsupported MethodThe Provider does not support the requested method.
4900DisconnectedThe Provider is disconnected from all chains.
4901Chain DisconnectedThe Provider is not connected to the requested chain.

JSON RPC errors

Errors coming from ETH nodes

EVM RPC specific errors

Status codeNameDescription
-32000Invalid inputMissing or invalid parameters
-32001Resource not foundRequested resource not found
-32002Resource unavailableRequested resource not available
-32003Transaction rejectedTransaction creation failed
-32004Method not supportedMethod is not implemented
-32005Limit exceededRequest exceeds defined limit
-32006JSON-RPC version not supportedVersion of JSON-RPC protocol is not supported

Standard RPC errors

Status codeNameDescription
-32700Parse errorInvalid JSON
-32600Invalid requestJSON is not a valid request object
-32601Method not foundMethod does not exist
-32602Invalid paramsInvalid method parameters
-32603Internal errorInternal JSON-RPC error

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