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Version: 3.0.0

Connecting accounts


To establish a connection to a user's account, call the connect method on the provider.

try {
await window.coinbaseSolana.connect();
} catch (err) {
// { method: 'connect', message: 'Connection error' }

If the user accepts the request and the connection is successful, the publicKey field is set to the PublicKey of the connected account, and the isConnected field is set to true.

// J7VKAb39Vgxar55cFtzLu8QJ2dwS9MrV7NyQJoUK1yDa
// true

If the user rejects the request to connect, an error is thrown.


To disconnect a user's account from your application, call the disconnect method on the provider.

 await window.coinbaseSolana.disconnect();

If the user’s account is disconnected, the publicKey field is set to null, and the isConnected field is set to false.

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