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Integrating Commerce and Classy

This page explains how to integrate Coinbase Commerce and Classy, a giving platform. Integrating Classy with Coinbase Commerce lets you accept cryptocurrency donations.


Currently, only Coinbase enterprise accounts can accept payments on Classy.

Summary of Steps

  1. (In Classy) Copy the webhook URL.
  2. (In Commerce) Paste the URL to add a webhook subscription and copy/save your webhook secret.
  3. (In Commerce) Create an API key and copy/save your new API key.
  4. (In Classy) Paste the Commerce webhook secret and API key to authenticate Commerce.

Add Classy Webhook Subscription

1. Copy Classy Webhook URL

  1. Log in to Classy and go to Settings > Payment Processor Portal.

  2. Under Crypto Giving, click Select Exchange and choose Coinbase.

  3. Click Copy URL (and leave the browser window open).

2. Add Webhook Subscription

  1. Log in to Coinbase Commerce.

  2. From your avatar, click Settings and go to the Notifications tab.

  3. Under Webhook subscriptions, click Add an endpoint.

  4. Paste your webhook URL and click Save.

  5. Click Show shared secret, then Copy to clipboard and securely store your secret.

    Click image to enlarge
    Add the endpoint of a 3rd pary app in Coinbase Commerce to create a webhook.

Integrate Classy and Commerce

3. Create Commerce API Key

  1. Log in to Coinbase Commerce.

  2. From your avatar, click Settings and go to the Security tab.

  3. Under API keys, click New API key to generate a new key.

  4. Click Copy to clipboard and securely store your new API key.

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    Create a Coinbase Commerce API key so that you can authenticate your account, for example, when integrating into a 3rd party app.

4. Authenticate Commerce

  1. Return to the Payment Processor Portal in Classy.

  2. Paste your Coinbase Commerce API key and webhook secret.

  3. Check the agreement box and click Connect.

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