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Welcome to Commerce API

Welcome to the documentation for the upgraded onchain Coinbase Commerce experience!

Commerce lets merchants accept cryptocurrency for their goods and services by API or UI. Customers can pay directly from a computer or mobile device using the blockchain as the settlement network.

Benefits for merchants and their customers include:

  • Guaranteed settlement with no volatility: Automatically settle payments into a stablecoin.
  • Any wallet/exchange: Deposit funds in multi-sig/self-custody wallets or custody products like Prime.
  • Preferred token: Accept hundreds of cryptocurrencies with the Commerce Onchain Payment Protocol.
  • Built-in KYC - Customers can use their verified Coinbase account to pay any Commerce merchant.
  • Instant confirmation: Customers can leverage low-cost transactions on networks like Base & Polygon.

Coinbase Commerce is built on top of the Onchain Payment Protocol, which is an open source universal standard we've developed to unify and simplify crypto payments.

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