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Derivatives FIX Header/Trailer Messages

All FIX messages (administrative and business) require a Standard Header and Standard Trailer component.

Standard Header

TagNameFIX TypeReqDescription
8BeginStringString(7)YFIX version for session, e.g., FIX.4.4.
9BodyLengthInt(6)YNumber of bytes in the message body.
35MsgTypeString(2)YFIX message type.
34MsgSeqNumInt(9)YMessage sequence number.
43PossDupFlagBoolean(1)NFlag that represents whether or not the message may have been retransmitted with this sequence number. Must be Y for messages sent in response to a Resend Request from the exchange.
49SenderCompIDString(6)YConsists of SubFirmID and SessionID. SubFirmID is left-most 3 chars. SessionID is right-most 3 chars. Example: EBR123

To Exchange: Connection ID assigned by Coinbase Derivatives Exchange.

From Exchange: Value from order entry tag 56, TargetCompID: COIND
50SenderSubIDString(18)YUnique identifier for the end trader submitting orders, issued by an exchange clearing member firm (clearing member), their contracted vendors, or assignees
116OnBehalfOfSubIDString(18)NCan be used to identify the end trader submitting orders if SenderSubID (50) is populated by a third party connection provider.
52SendingTimeUTCTimestamp(21)YTime the message was transmitted, expressed in UTC, microseconds: YYYYMMDD-HH:MM:SS.ssssss.
56TargetCompIDString(7)YTo Exchange: ID of entity receiving the message: COIND

From Exchange: Value from order entry SenderCompID (49), example: EBR123
57TargetSubIDString(20)YTo Exchange: ID of destination exchange system: PROD or TEST

From Exchange: Echo back TargetSubID (57) sent by client system
122OrigSendingTimeUTCTimestamp(21)CFor resent messages only, contains timestamp from SendingTime (52) from original message.
369LastMsgSeqNumProcessedInt(9)NMsgSeqNum (34) of the last message from the client received and processed by the gateway.

Standard Trailer

TagNameFIX TypeReqDescription
10CheckSumString(3)YAlways the last tag in a message. Functions as end-of-message delimiter.

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