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Exchange Systems & Operations


The deployment schedules for different components vary and may change without notice.

FIXMonday, Thursday at 2PM ET
WebSocketMonday, Wednesday, Thursday at 2PM ET
RESTMonday, Wednesday, Thursday at 2PM ET

Availability Zones

The infrastructure for the US Spot Exchange is hosted in US-EAST-1 (AWS) within multiple availability zones.


The following information is subject to change without notification, and there is no guarantee that it will remain static over time.

ProductAvailability Zone ID
FIX Order Gatewaysuse1-az4
Order Entry Gatewayuse1-az4
Trade Engineuse1-az4
Web Socket Market Datause1-az4
FIX Market Datause1-az4

System Components

REST Entry Gateways

  • Requests are routed through Cloudflare.
  • Requests are processed on a FIFO basis with no queuing.
  • REST requires additional authentication because it's stateless (as opposed to FIX order gateways, which authenticate during login).

FIX Order Gateways

  • Each instance contains a per-user product based queue.
  • Each per-user product-based queue can hold a maximum of 50 queued requests before requests are rejected.
  • Each per-user product-based queue is processed on a FIFO basis.

Order Entry Gateway (Risk System)

  • Each instance processes requests from FIX Order Gateways and REST in real time with no queuing.
  • System performs real-time risk checks and account collateralization.

Trade Engine

  • Clustered service that guarantees FIFO sequencing at a product level.
  • Processes all requests from Order Entry Gateway.
  • Publishes market data to WebSocket / FIX Market Data.

Market Data (Websocket & FIX)

  • Each instance can process all market data requests across all products.
  • Messages are distributed to customers randomly, and there is no intended benefit to being “first to subscribe”.

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