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Upcoming Changes

This section provides release details and dates for upcoming changes.



In the coming weeks, we will be releasing Request For Quote (RFQ) for testing in the sandbox. Request For Quote on Coinbase Exchange allows liquidity providers to respond and interact with real-time RFQ requests.

You can expect the following FIX, WebSocket, and REST API changes:

New FIX Messages:

  • RFQ Request (AH)
  • Quote Request (R)
  • Quote (S)
  • Quote Request Reject (AG)
  • Quote Status Report (AI)

New WebSocket Channel: RFQ Matches Channel

Updated REST API:

  • Order and fill information for RFQ can be queried with new market_type query parameter.
  • New report type option, rfq-fills, can be used to generate reports for RFQ fills.