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Sign in with Coinbase Changelog

These release notes list recent changes to the Sign in with Coinbase API.


Updated OAuth2 docs:

  • token expiration: Access tokens expire in 1 hour (not 2).
  • state requirements: The state parameter must be at least 8 characters long.
  • account access: Access to user wallets now defined by a drop down on the consent page.
  • send limit flow: wallet:transactions:send requires additional OAuth2 parameters and 2FA.
  • scopes: The scope offline_access returns a refresh token.


Removed the deprecated endpoint, Update Current User: PUT


Announced multiple changes to the Transaction APIs.

  • Feb 7: Select parameters are being deprecated, added, or updated.
  • Mar 31: Deprecated parameters are being removed.


Announced the upcoming Feb 15 deprecation of select Account endpoints.

Also marked all User endpoints as having been deprecated.

Deprecated APIRecommended Workaround
Create WalletArrow pointing right.Transact on Coinbase or via SIWC Transaction APIs
Update AccountArrow pointing right.To update wallet name, contact Coinbase Support
Delete AccountArrow pointing right.To close account, visit your Coinbase Account profile


Announced the upcoming Nov 30 deprecation of select Buys and Sells APIs:

Deprecated APIRecommended API
Place Buy Order / Place Sell OrderArrow pointing right.Create Order
List Buys / List SellsArrow pointing right.List Transactions
Show Buy / Show SellArrow pointing right.Show Transaction

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