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Coinbase Wallet supports the following developer features. Take advantage of these features in your applications by integrating with Coinbase Wallet SDK, or a library like web3-react.

Multiple access points

You can connect your dapps to Coinbase Wallet on both mobile web (for iOS and Android) and desktop. You can also onboard new users who do not yet have a wallet.

Network support

Coinbase Wallet works with all EVM-compatible L1/L2 networks and supports these features:

  • Unified asset balances across all networks
  • Add custom network manually or via EIP-3085 (wallet_addEthereumChain)
  • Add custom tokens manually or via EIP-747 (​​wallet_watchAsset)
  • Network switching
  • EIP-3326 (wallet_switchEthereumChain)
  • EIP-3085 (wallet_addEthereumChain)

Additionally, Coinbase Wallet will autodetect all assets held in the user's wallet on certain whitelisted networks.

Testnet faucets

  • Built-in faucets for funding your wallet with testnet assets (browser extension only).


  • Near-instant indexing for Etheruem NFTs
  • OpenSea API for Polygon NFTs
  • ERC-721, ERC-1155 support
  • NFT gallery and transfers directly in extension (transfers are Ethereum-only)


  • Chrome Extension, iOS, Android
  • Multiple ways to manage keys and sign transactions when interacting with applications.