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Connecting Ledger Live to Your Petra Wallet

This page explains how to connect Ledger Live to your Petra Wallet.

Ledger Live is a mobile and desktop application that works in tandem with a Ledger hardware device to manage digital assets held in cold storage.

Step 1. Install

This section explains how to install the Aptos app on your Ledger Live. It assumes that you have Ledger Live installed.

  1. Open Ledger Live.

  2. Connect your Ledger to your computer and unlock it with your PIN.

  3. Navigate to My Ledger, search for Aptos in the App catalog and install it.

Result: Ledger Live should display Aptos as installed.

Step 2. Connect

This section explains how to connect Ledger Live to Petra. It assumes that you have created and funded a Petra Aptos Wallet.

  1. Open your Petra Wallet and click the avatar at the top right.

  2. Click Add Account.

  3. Click Import from Ledger.

  4. Click Pair.

  5. Select your Ledger device and click Connect.

  6. Select an account address then click Add account.

  7. Click Settings, select your new account, and rename it to something meaningful.

  8. See Step 2. Connect and Stake to stake APT with your Petra Wallet.

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