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Bridging dYdX with the UI

This page explains how to migrate ethDYDX (e.g., in a Coinbase Wallet) to cosmosDYDX (in a Keplr wallet) by bridging the Ethereum and dYdX blockchains. See the dYdX docs.

Step 0. Prerequisites

  • An Ethereum wallet (e.g., Coinbase Wallet) funded with ETH with which to swap for ethDYDX and pay for transactions.
  • A Tendermint wallet (e.g., Keplr Wallet).
  • Residency in a jurisdiction that allows access to

Step 1. Fund Wallet with ethDYDX

  1. Start with an Ethereum wallet (e.g., Coinbase Wallet), and if needed, swap ETH for dYdX (i.e., ethDYDX).

    This step assumes that you are logged into your Coinbase wallet or a wallet like it. The goal is to hold DYDX, also called ethDYDX, in your Ethereum wallet. If you don't have ethDYDX but have ETH, you can swap ETH for ethDYDX. When you click the Swap button, you are prompted to enter an amount to swap.
  2. Swap for the desired amount.

    Enter the amount in US dollars that you want to swap. To enter the amount in DYDX, click the up/down arrow to the right.

Step 2. Configure Keplr Wallet

  1. Download the Keplr extension and navigate to the extension on your browser.

  2. Click on Manage Chain Visibility from the hamburger menu at top left.

    When you click on Manage Chain Visibility, a new window opens called Select Chains.
  3. Search for "dydx", check the box, and click Save. This adds DYDX (i.e., cosmosDYDX) to your list of available balances.

    Before searching, you may see Cosmos Hub selected by default. Search for, select, and save dYdX to your list of chains.
  4. Copy your cosmosDYDX address (by hovering over the copy icon for DYDX) and save for later.

    When you hover over the copy icon by DYDX, your cosmosDYDX address display. Click to copy.

Step 3. Bridge using UI

  1. Navigate to

    IP/Country Block

    U.S. users cannot access this website and will see the following message:

    Because you appear to be a resident of, or trading from, a jurisdiction that violates our terms of use, or have engaged in activity that violates our terms of use, you have been blocked. You may withdraw your funds from the protocol at any time.

  2. Click Connect wallet (at top right) to connect your wallet funded with ethDYDX (e.g., Coinbase Wallet). When prompted, sign two transactions verifying the wallet. This generates a cosmosDYDX address from which to send DYDX.

    The goal is to convert ethDYDX in your Coinbase Wallet to cosmosDYDX in your Keplr wallet. To do this, connect your Coinbase Wallet funded with ethDYDX.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to migrate to your Keplr wallet. Then select Send to another dYdX Chain Address and enter enter the Keplr wallet cosmosDYDX address you saved above.


    Coinbase does not recommend the first option, "Generated dYdX Chain address via wallet signature," unless absolutely necessary. If your connected wallet does not support cosmosDYDX, you may have trouble finding and using your funds.

    Enter the amount of ethDYDX to migrate.
  4. Click Preview migration, and if everything looks acceptable, click Approve allowance. Confirm and approve the transactions.

    You are shown the amount of wrapped ethDYDX and cosmosDYDX.
  5. Read and confirm the final remarks, then select Confirm Migration, and approve the final transaction.

    Check that you understand, first, that it may take 24-48 hours until your tokens are available on the dYdX chain, and second, that your ethDYDX will be permanently locked in the wethDYDX smart contract and irrecoverable.

    Once your funds are transferred, see Staking dYdX with Keplr Wallet.

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