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2. Stake AVAX to Coinbase Cloud

1. Ensure AVAX is Stored on the P-Chain

  1. Navigate in the Avalanche Wallet UI to Cross Chain in the left menu.

  2. Transfer your tokens from the chain they are stored on (C-Chain or X-Chain) and choose P-Chain as the Destination chain.

  3. Enter the amount of AVAX you would like to transfer for staking and select Confirm.

  4. Your AVAX should now appear in the Avalanche Wallet UI under P-Chain and will be ready for staking.

2. Stake to our Public Validator

  1. Navigate to Avalanche Wallet.

  2. Select Earn in the left menu.

  3. Under Delegate select Add Delegator.

  4. Under Node ID select either of the Coinbase Cloud validators:


Validator address: NodeID-CiKdcSyNH27re2W17ygscpZ4xG7474E5U

  1. Select Select next to either of the the Coinbase Cloud validator addresses above.

  2. Under Staking Period specify the length of time you would like to delegate your AVAX for.


When staking on Avalanche, you must specify how long you would like to delegate your stake to the validator for. The minimum amount of time one can stake funds for delegation is 2 weeks, and the maximum amount of time one can stake funds for delegation is 1 year. A longer staking period will result in a higher average annual staking rate.

Once you enter this staking period, there is no way to change these parameters: the validator you are staked to, the staking end date, the stake amount, or your rewards address. As such, it is important to stake to a validator you trust will perform optimally and securely, and ensure you pick the right staking end date as AVAX rewards are distributed after the staking period is complete.

  1. Enter the amount of AVAX you would like to stake with Coinbase Cloud under Stake Amount.

  2. If you would like your rewards distributed to a different wallet, enter that information under Reward Address.

  3. Select Confirm.

Congratulations! You are now staked to a Coinbase Cloud validator.

To learn more about Coinbase Cloud’s services, visit our site.

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